History of the penis pump



Sexual health is one of the most neglected issues by men. But doctors and scientists are always in the process of inventing new devices to improve sexual health. Implants, sex toys, pumps are all contributions to a better sexual health. One such invention was the Penis Pump which has helped a lot of men with erectile dysfunction. It has a history of its first conception in the 1870s but it saw usage only after the 1960s. The basic concept is still the same, however.


6f0faf8d4c7d6e9e1ac5cf730822777dThe Penis Pump was invented by Dr. John King, an American Doctor who designed and used the device to treat erectile insufficiency. This happened in the 1800s as per the book titled The American Physician. Later in 1913, a patent for this vacuum device was submitted by Dr. Otto Lederer which became the basis for today’s Penis Pumps.

Evolution of the Design

First, the penis pump was intended as a treating device for impotence and it remained as adevice used for treatment until the first half of the 20th Century. The device was then a cylinder attached to a mechanical pump which could evacuate air from inside to encourage blood flow to the penis. This method still continues to work well in modern day penis pumps. From the 1960s it gained importance as a toy for sexual pleasure rather than being restricted to only medicinal purpose. This enabled acceptance of sex toys and improved the thinking of people in a broad way. A few technological improvements allowed manufacturers to accept the design and commercialize it as an affordable design to thecommon man.

Later, in the next 50 years, penis pumps gained a lot of attention with men adopting it for better sexual performance. A cylinder with a pump creating anegative pressure within it helped a lot of men to overcome impotence and other sexual diseases. A little advancement happened with the start of amillennium which set a trend in sex devices. A more advanced penis pump with pressure gauges and electronic motors with a switch to pump were all included in the basic design.

romantic cute couple making love alone sad waiting tumblr kissing hugging kiss hug HD wallpapers (8)Improvement in the design enhanced its popularity and it became known to treat not only erectile dysfunction but also other problems such as Peyronie’s disease, post-treatment for patients who have suffered colon and prostate cancer. Professionals call it “vacuum constriction device” since a band was introduced which pumped blood when placed around the penis to facilitate erection. The band is also referred as constriction band in product advertisements. Statistics show that about 50-80% of men who have used penis pumps have acknowledged satisfaction.

The latest addition to the design of a penis pump is a water assisted type referred as ahydro pump. This is a never before implementation of water to the functioning. This invention is known to maximize expansion of the penis through water flow minimizing the side effects that are experienced with air type pumping systems. This is in association with the theory of the best practices of water for improving sexual performances.

Buying Penis Pumps

The best part of penis pump is one doesn’t need a prescription to buy it. It is just like buying any other device from a chemist or any supermarket. The prices are made affordable by many manufacturers to ensure publicity and ease of connecting to many. Insurance policies also support penis pump costs when recorded and recommended by a doctor in case of related diseases. There are avariety of designs and brands available. You can also buy them online from various portals.abc19f5bc37a46bc05f554cd6a3095db


With theimprovement in technology and design, penis pump has gained a lot of popularity amongst men. The negative side effects are minimized to almost zero and are mostly negligible. A number of premium brands have gained their stake in the market for penis pumps. It is now assured that usage of penis pumps has a traditional history with a lot of experiment and design innovations to assure thesafety of the most sensitive organ of a man’s body. With so many men using penis pumps, there are many online forums and chat rooms which help one another in the best practices of penis pumps.